Donald Trump hates losers. Unfortunately, thanks to the record number of voters (76 million and counting) that rejected his reelection bid, Trump has joined a select group of presidential losers.

Trump now has teamed up with nine other presidents who were rejected by the American voters they had led for four years.

The group includes John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

It is safe to say none of the other losing presidents were the kind of sore losers as Donald Trump. None labeled their electoral loss fraudulent and rigged. None refused to accept defeat and concede.

According to Mary Trump, the president’s niece, “… he’s not going to engage in the normal activities that guarantee a peaceful transition. All he’s got now is breaking stuff, and he’s going to do that with a vengeance.”

“He’ll be having meltdowns upon meltdowns right now,” Mary Trump added. “He has never been in a situation like this before. What’s interesting is that Donald has never won anything legitimately in his entire life, but because he has been so enabled by people along the way, he has never lost anything either. He’s the kind of person who thinks that even if you steal and cheat to win, you deserve to win.”

It didn’t take long after Trump was declared a loser for him to strike out. He fired his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, an act many are calling a national security risk.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Adam Smith, warned, the firing “is a destabilizing move that will only embolden our adversaries and put our country at greater risk.” He went on to say, “President Trump’s decision to fire Secretary Esper out of spite is not just childish, it’s also reckless.” Esper, if you recall, had the temerity of not being totally loyal to Trump.

But does Trump care about national security? Has he ever cared about anything but himself? Of course not!  All he knows is that he has just 70 days to create chaos and settle old scores.

So, what can we expect during Trump’s lame-duck period? More firings, for sure, and a bunch of pardons meant to incense the libs. There will be some controversial executive orders. There will be no dealing with the coronavirus. There will be no smooth transition of power. And, no doubt, Trump will find ways, for the last time, to enrich himself at the public’s expense as he heads out the door.

As Eric Lutz of Vanity Fair put it so well, “Unable to face the reality of his circumstances, he is doubling down on his delusions—that the world is conspiring against him; that he’s the big, strong winner he’s always claimed to be. He wants to convince his supporters, the courts, and himself that he is both victim and victor and has made clear that he’ll burn everything to the ground to do so.”

Buckle up for a dangerous ride.

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