You saw it coming, right?

A little over one month ago, AG William Barr made it appear he had no problem with Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifying before Congress. This was at a time when Mueller had not yet been subpoenaed to appear before both the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees.

“It’s Bob’s call whether he wants to testify,” said Barr during a Wall Street Journal interview.

Yesterday, Barr pulled a “Trump,” saying one thing when it is convenient to sound reasonable (i.e. Trump promising to release his tax returns) and then making a complete one-eighty when the moment of truth arrives.

While he did not come right out and say Mueller should not testify, the Attorney General of the United States, told the Associated Press yesterday, he doesn’t believe Robert Mueller should have to “subject himself” to testifying before Congress about the Russia investigation.

“I’m not sure what purpose is served by dragging him up there and trying to grill him,” Barr said. “I don’t think Mueller should be treated that way or subject himself to that, if he doesn’t want to.”

One representative, Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence committee, was not surprised by Barr’s shocking remarks..

“Barr misled the public about Mueller’s report, and wants his own deception to stand,” Schiff tweeted. “The public has a right to hear the truth, from Mueller himself, about Trump’s misconduct and ongoing national security risks.”

Think about this for one moment. The top law enforcement official in the United States is encouraging a fellow lawyer, another officer of the court, to disregard a congressional subpoena!

What needs to happen (but won’t) is for the appropriate bar association(s) to immediately open an investigation into Barr’s unprofessional and unethical conduct with a view towards disbarment.

As of now, it appears Mueller, the reluctant witness, will keep his July 17 date with Congress. But as I’ve stated before, I doubt his testimony will change much of anything. It certainly won’t light a fire under Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings ASAP.

I pray I’m wrong.

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