Anonymuz & Denzel Curry Wreak Havoc On "No Threat"


With his new album There Is No Threat setting the South Floridian landscape ablaze, Anonymuz has cemented himself as one of the most exciting young voices in the game. While the project is lined with bangers, the closing track “No Threat” serves to achieve title (at least somewhat) in a menacing way. Taking to to a morose, organ-driven instrumental, “No Threat” channels the Phantom Of The Opera, who lands a reference in the opening verse. “I been moving through the city like a phantom in an opera of dark caramel,” spits Anon. “Cleopatra moanin’, holy matrimony.”

While Denzel Curry has been relatively quiet this year, the rapper returns with a vengeance for this one. Closing out the track with a bevy of impressive flows, Curry shines in his closing stanza, switching it up with a proficiency honed by a collection of fire tapes. “I’m remindin’ you of what I don’t take kindly to,” he raps, almost nursery-rhyme-esque. “For any simple-minded fool who blinded tryna’ tote the tool.” Check this one out, and be sure to show some love to Anonymuz below.

Quotable Lyrics

Don’t debate it
I get too faded, cause I ain’t waitin’ for hope
Scopes, under bright lights
Sadness cuts deep into my life
With that fuck shit I’ma end your timeline
On a frontpage news is a highlight let’ s reverse
I’m remindin’ you of what I don’t take kindly to
For any simple-minded fool who blinded tryna’ tote the tool
You touch us then we gotta touch all
Families, friends, girlfriends and all
If you up you best not stall cause we won’t be here when you fall

– Denzel Curry

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