Stylish Headphone Pockets – 'Stone Island' Released an Airpod-Compatible Clothing Line (

‘Stone Island’ Released an Airpod-Compatible Clothing Line

Clothing brand ‘Stone Island’ unveiled an Airpod compatible clothing line that’s covered with tiny pockets specifically designed to hold Apple’s new wireless headphones.

The minimalist design of the Airpods have been a been received by the Internet with mixed emotions due to the possibility of misplacing or losing the tiny devices. Seeing this criticism as a creative opportunity, Stone Island’s new lines features adorable pockets to stylishly store the headphones. The collection will allow users to safely tuck their Airpods away in a shirt collar, the front of a shirt and even discreetly in a beanie.

This Airpod-compatible clothing aims to pose a solution to the very real possibility of losing one’s headphones, while stylishly exemplifying the powerful impact technology has on our daily lives.

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