10 Ways The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Changed The Way We Think About Things


Now that the country is in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, our ways of thinking about things is changing. Here are 10 things we never really thought about before:

  1. Snagging that last package of toilet paper off the shelf can feel like hitting the jackpot
  2. Acquiring a whole new appreciation for the shelf-life of canned tuna 
  3. Seeing how impossible it is to live without sports on TV
  4. Realizing how much money can be saved not eating out
  5. Understanding money can’t save you from an equal opportunity virus
  6. Learning that checking our 401(k)s on a daily basis is a terrible idea
  7. Finding out how hard it is not to touch your face
  8. Discovering a handshake could be lethal
  9. Reaching a point were paying $200 for a bottle of hand sanitizer doesn’t seem outrageous
  10. Concluding we need to rally together as one American family in order to defeat this deadly threat

Stay home. Keep smiling. Practice good hand hygiene. Take social distancing seriously. And listen to the experts!

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