Trump Strategy … Throw Spaghetti At The Wall To See What Sticks


The Trump reelection campaign has been soundly criticized as being unfocused and undisciplined. Things got so bad last month that longtime campaign manager, Brad Parscale, was ditched in favor of Bill Stepien (yes, the guy of Chris Christie “Bridgegate” fame).

Even with the big shakeup, it doesn’t appear the Trump campaign has settled on any new, comprehensive strategy to hit Biden with. There has been no reset.

Maybe Stepien has learned what Parscale already knew … you can’t stop Trump from being Trump. He will not listen to advice, no matter how sound, if it goes against what he instinctively wants to do.

So, Trump seems to always fallback on one of his favorite ploys from his ruffian playbook … the “spaghetti test” strategy. And why not? Tearing down his opponents with nasty nicknames and baseless charges has worked well for him in the past.

The idea is to come up with as many inane accusations as possible against your opponent and hope something sticks.

So far, Trump has accused Biden of:

  1. Being “Sleepy” and “Corrupt”
  2. Mishandling, along with Obama, the H1N1 pandemic
  3. Wanting to abolish the suburbs
  4. Wanting to defund the military
  5. Wanting to defund the police
  6. Wanting to abolish immigration detention
  7. Wanting to abolish educational standards
  8. Being soft on crime
  9. Being part of the “radical left”
  10. Being cozy with China
  11. Being mentally impaired
  12. Being bad for Wall Street
  13. Being a criminal who, with Obama, spied on his campaign
  14. Being a plagiarist
  15. Being a gaffe machine

Of course, this is only a partial list.

But the latest fistful of spaghetti Trump has hurled against the wall needs special mention. 

Yesterday, Trump accused the very Catholic Biden of being against religion! Incredibly, Trump suggested electing Biden would “hurt the Bible” and “hurt God.”

Unfortunately for Trump, his scattershot approach of trying to negatively define Biden isn’t working … and will not work. With only three months until election day, it is too late in the game to see what sticks and what doesn’t. People know Joe.

It seems the only thing (so far) Trump has not accused Biden of being is a pedophile (a charge, by the way, Don Jr. leveled against Biden in May!). 

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