Wisconsin Gov. Walker says he’d back Trump as GOP nominee


“They’re fine, decent, hard-working people who are following the rules that they have to get”, said Janet Zanchelli of Plattsburgh, who said she came to register and was told her provisional ballot may not be counted because she had not registered with a political party by the state’s voter registration deadline, “It’s just upsetting me because I feel stripped of my right to vote and that’s important to me”.

Trump talked about Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, and other states with primaries in the next several weeks.

The museum will close early that week to set up for convention-related events. “My opponent, Senator Sanders voted for it”.

The real estate tycoon from NY said that he would be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in the November presidential elections, “Yes. Yes”. But on both occasions she resisted wading deeply into his record.

Scott Walker says he would back Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee, even though he endorsed Ted Cruz.

Clinton’s event in the Philadelphia suburbs was focused on ensuring equal pay for women and she was joined by Lily Ledbetter, who inspired the namesake fair pay law signed by President Barack Obama that aimed to make it easier for women to sue over wage discrimination. “And it’s going to be wonderful and attractive and much better”, he said. When you look at Pennsylvania, when you look at IN, when you look at Maryland and Rhode Island and so many places-we have problems everywhere you look. “But when they see that we’re getting rid of Obamacare, which is a total disaster and we’re going to be replacing it with something good”, he said.

Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton’s home state advantage proved too strong for Mr Bernie Sanders to overcome as she won the NY primary on Tuesday, strengthening her grip on the party’s nomination and making it almost impossible for her rival to catch up.

“I do think it is time to tone down some of the rhetoric and the harshness of those disagreements”, said former Rep. Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania, a longtime Clinton supporter.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland will be offering free admission and limited hours during the week of the Republican National Convention this summer under a sponsorship deal with AT&T. Her grandfather worked in a lace mill in Scranton, where she was campaigning Friday, and her father grew up there.

The former first lady and NY senator won 57.9 percent of the vote to 42.1 for Sanders, CNN said.

When Democrats convene in Philadelphia in July, 4,765 delegates will be present. Superdelegates – a collection of 712 party leaders, elected officials and other high-profile Democrats – are allowed to vote for whomever they choose.


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