Was Kelly Ripa blindsided by ‘Live!’ co-host?

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Once Strahan departs, the show will return to its tried-and-true method of auditioning guest hosts.

Michael Strahan, Co-host of Live!

Uproxx reports that Ripa didn’t show up for work on Wednesday as an act of protest against the network’s treatment of her and her show, leading to the show bringing Ana Gasteyer in to co-host with Strahan. A source told People magazine that the 45 year old New Jersey native was “completely blindsided” by Strahan’s announcement and chose to take the day off, with former “SNL” alum Ana Gasteyer stepping in as temporary replacement. Ripa and the show’s long-time producer, Michael Gelman, were only told of Strahan’s plan to leave moments before the news went public.

“I really want to thank Kelly Ripa“, Strahan said, crediting her with welcoming him to the program. This show has not been around for 30 years by mistake.

Although the long-running show’s fate is anyone’s guess, loyal fans are certain that the two still have a long career in television.

One industry source suggested Ripa’s reaction may tell you all you need to know about why execs may have made the decision to let her know about the move later rather than sooner. Making that announcement back then, Strahan assured Ripa, on air, that his Live! gig was his top priority: “This is what I do”.

“I do want to say to all of our viewers out there, everybody who’s watched this show over the last four years…”

“Good morning, everybody. Kelly is off today“, Strahan announced before noting that he’s “been in the news lately…”

Strahan will officially join GMA in September. “Kelly, I thank you, I love you, and everyone else here at ‘Live!’“. “Beyond”, the source about Ripa. “I’m always available to guest co-host because I consider myself to be a part of this family forever”.

The show’s spokeswoman, Barbara Warren, said that Ripa had a day off. Ripa worked the day before.

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