Villanueva on Russell Westbrook pre-game dance: ‘Go to a nightclub’


Before the Thunder played the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night, Dallas forward Charlie Villanueva tried to psyche Westbrook out by getting in the way of his pre-game dance with Payne. At the press conference after the game with Kevin Durant, they were asked if that had any affect on their game.

“If you want to go dancing and stuff like that, go to a nightclub”, Villanueva said on a Fox Pro Cast video. I’ve heard Russell Westbrook talk about those are for the guys who don’t play. Others will call him a curmudgeon. You want to battle and dance, we can battle, but not in a basketball game. Go to a club and dance.

On Wednesday, April 20, both Westbrook and Payne discussed their dance and the Mavs’ attempt to thwart it. We can battle. But not in a basketball game.

“I mean hopefully it’s something officials take a look at because when they go out there, obviously there’s the halfcourt-midcourt line and we’re on our side before we go out is how I would see it”, Donovan said. Great team. They’re a great team.

The Oklahoma City Thunder thrashed the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of their opening round playoff series, leading by 40 points at one time.

If nothing else, the verbal warfare following the brief physical exchange adds a little more intrigue to the moments before Game 3 gets underway.


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