Use of internet, smartphones stagnant in US: Pew Research Center


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Washington [United States], October 1 (ANI): Since last two years, the use of internet, social media, and device ownership in the United States has come to a halt, a new study has found.
According to the Pew Research Center’s latest technology study, the use of digital technology has had growth in the past, but the share of Americans who go online, use social media or own devices has remained stable in the past two years.
The latest data indicates that broadband internet service owners are at 65 percent. The ownership in desktop or laptop has dipped to 73 percent. As for ownership of personal devices, about 95 percent of the Americans studied have cellphones, 89 percent have internet access, while 77 percent have smartphones and 69 percent use social networks.
In addition to stagnation, barriers such as financial restrictions, access to internet, and pure lack of interest are seen as the contributing factors towards the slowing growth. (ANI)

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