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Trump said being presidential is ‘easy’

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That urgency has seen Trump ramp up his efforts to appoint a more professional staff, to temper his remarks on social media and even to begin punctuating political appearances with mentions of specific policies. “He’s getting better”, said Ben Carson, a Trump ally who was part of the GOP’s front-runner’s RNC outreach team.

Donald Trump 2.0 made his official debut Tuesday night following his sweeping victory in NY, a win that looks to net him 90 delegates and reestablishes him as the man to beat in the Republican presidential race. “The entire country, her eyes are on the state of IN – IN this room”, Cruz said Thursday during a state GOP dinner IN Indianapolis.

“I’m undecided among all three of them”, Mr. Levine said of Mr. Cruz, Mr. Trump and John Kasich.

The Republican front-runner and most of his rivals in both parties were out campaigning Saturday across the quintet of Northeastern states holding primaries on Tuesday, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island and CT.

Donald Trump defended Saturday his method of striking a different tone at rallies than he does behind closed doors with party officials.

“I can tell you that if I go too presidential, people are going to be very bored, “Trump told Fox News, adding that his big concern is that his supporters would “fall asleep”.

Hillary Clinton embodies all of our Democratic principles, and her pragmatic approach is more likely to achieve results than Bernie Sanders’ more revolutionary one. “Running for president will be on your screen, ‘” Clinton said. “I just don’t know if I want to do it yet”, he said during a raucous rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that was frequently interrupted by protesters.

The Trump campaign recognized that polling shows Trump’s personality is a negative, but also argued it’s not “as big as threat as people make it out to be”. “I’m millions of votes more than Kasich”, Trump said. He defended accusations that he acts differently when he’s “in a room”, saying, “When I’m in a room, talking, you’re one way, when I’m out here talking to you people, I’ve gotta be different, alright”.

Chief rival Ted Cruz hopes Trump will fall short of a nomination-clinching delegate majority so that he can turn enough delegates to his side at the convention to give him the prize.

Trump blasted Cruz, accusing him of twisting Manafort’s words for political gain.

Manafort said Trump will steer in the direction of a more traditional campaign.

Cruz said Tuesday “is going to be a pivotal day”, but he also traveled Saturday to IN, which doesn’t vote until next month.

Kaisch and Cruz set their sights on Pennsylvania and IN respectively, looking to capitalize on any remaining delegates up for grabs, even as polls show Trump dominating IN some of the biggest remaining races.

While the primary campaign is a focus of the RNC meeting, party leaders are painfully aware that any changes in the nomination process could fuel Trump’s charges of an unfair system. Clinton said it was “way past time that we have a raise in the nationwide minimum wage” of $7.25 an hour and said the nation should support cities and states like NY and California “that are willing to put a higher floor under low-wage workers”.

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