Trump’s ‘System Is Rigged’ Argument Is Working


Speaking to reporters after an event in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Friday, Cruz said Trump’s advisers had “gone down and told Republican Party bosses that everything Donald has said on the campaign is just to a show, he doesn’t believe any of it”.

Trump’s new chief adviser, Paul Manafort, met Thursday with top Republican officials and told them his candidate, known for his over-the-top persona and brashness, has been “projecting an image”. “The part that he’s been playing is evolving into the part that now you’ve been expecting, but he wasn’t ready for because he had first to complete the first phase”.

Manafort said Saturday that he never said Trump was going to change who he is but that his tactics would shift based on context.

The latest talk from Manafort comes at a crucial moment in Trump’s campaign, as he seeks to unite the Republican Party behind his candidacy and hold off efforts to potentially snatch the nomination away if the race goes to a contested national convention.

“I just don’t know if I want to do it yet”, the candidate said.

The poll shows that Trump with 41 percent support leads Ted Cruz with 23 percent and John Kasich with 21 percent.

Manafort compared Trump’s unpopularity to that of Ronald Reagan’s when the California governor first ran for president as an “outsider”.

“I voted against it”, she said of a bill to protect gun-makers from legal liability.

By Friday, only Ted Cruz and Donald Trump’s campaigns had distributed guidance to voters.

Joel Mattila, the Clark County Chairman for the Trump campaign, told KGW a visit from the NY business mogul is tentatively scheduled on May 7 in Vancouver.

Short said he also asked Manafort if Trump still believes that Cruz bought off Colorado’s delegates.

“He said, ‘I’ll call back in two minutes, and if you’re still there, I’ll come over and help you, ‘” House recalled. If that race were not close, Teed said she would vote for an independent.

The Republican front-runner and most of his rivals in both parties were out campaigning Saturday across the quintet of Northeastern states holding primaries on Tuesday _ Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island and CT. Currently, polling has Trump at a 49% average in the state, ahead of Kasich by 27 points.

Trump supporters said they understood why the candidate has been so brash. Trump also came out against the federal government’s plan to replace President Andrew Jackson with the civil-rights figure Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

Clinton has been more muted in her assessment of Sanders since she won a convincing victory in her home state of NY.

With the win in New York, Clinton made her lead nearly unassailable, paving the way for a showdown with former political ally Trump.

“My wife tells me to be more presidential, my daughter tells me to be more presidential and Paul Manafort and Corey [Lewandowski] and a lot of them say, “be more presidential” and now people are starting to say -‘you know, look what got you here, ‘” Trump told his crowd of more than 3,000 in a gymnasium at Crosby High School.

“We [Republican Party] are in much stronger shape in many regards”, Barbour admitted.


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