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Trump plans foreign policy speech as part of image makeover


The messy fight for the Republican presidential nomination is shifting to a luxury seaside resort in south Florida as Donald Trump and chief rival Ted Cruz quietly court party leaders ahead of another set of high-stakes delegate contests. “That’s a real problem and I think that’s an advantage for Cruz, because everybody knows where Cruz stands”, Barbour said Friday.

“If I was totally presidential, we have 10,000 people here or something I’d have about 300 and you’d be falling asleep after 20 minutes okay?” He added that he anxious his supporters would “fall asleep”.

Kasich is the most preferred second choice at 27 percent, they said, followed by Cruz at 24 percent. “Insults, derogatory comments.” Clinton, however, said she won’t reciprocate. And I want you to understand this.

Before speculating on a Trump-Clinton contest, she spent several minutes detailing her experience with bullying and harassment.

Donna Hoffman, the head of the political science department at the University of Iowa, said Trump’s fiery personality had put him in a bind at this stage of the race.

Also Friday, the maverick RNC member who tried altering his party’s rules for picking a presidential candidate said he now believes there is no need for a change because the bylaws are tougher than he realized. Now his strategists try to have him accompanied as often as possible by his wife and daughters to soften his image. After all, 43 percent of his supporters said in a January survey they liked Trump because he “speaks his mind”.

Donald Trump’s senior team is promising anxious Republicans that voters will see “a real different way” soon after the Republican front-runner claims his party’s presidential nomination.

Manafort was hired last month to help clean up Trump’s image and work closer with party leaders, especially during the crucial process of selecting nominating delegates who will attend the Republican national convention in July.

Trump’s attacks on Saturday came at the first of two stops in CT, which is one of five states to vote on Tuesday and where polls show Trump with more than a 20-point lead.

A CBS News/YouGov poll released Sunday showed Trump at 49 percent support, Cruz at 31 percent and Kasich at 16 percent.

Trump’s top aides were set to deliver a private briefing to RNC members Thursday afternoon outlining his path to victory. “She’s always been a crooked person”, Trump told Fox News. “And when they get out …, we will start on Hillary Clinton like nobody’s ever seen”.

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