Trump, Clinton re-energized after big NY wins


As to the outcome for Cruz and Sanders, Ed Lasky, news editor for the conservative-leaning magazine American Thinker, said the ideology of NY may have worked against the GOP nominee.

Trump’s brash demeanour has appealed to his supporters, who say they admire the NY billionaire for not being afraid to say the things that other people believe privately.

Cruz appeared to be bracing for another tough round of primaries next week, when five states in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will vote.

While the messy nomination fight will be a focus of the RNC meeting, party leaders are painfully aware that any rule changes could fuel Trump’s charges of an unfair system. Trump’s campaign has hired staff versed in the ways of Washington and has begun holding regular meetings on Capitol Hill with current and potential supporters.

Sixty-year-old Scott Sheffield of Indianapolis says he thinks Trump will win Indiana’s May 3 primary and expose how the GOP establishment is trying to grab the nomination from him. Many have either said publicly that they were pro-Trump or that they would vote for the victor of their congressional district or the state as a whole.

The routs on their home turf reset the races in their favor, with Clinton putting an end to rival Bernie Sanders’ multi-state winning streak and Trump righting his ship after a series of losses to Ted Cruz that have raised the specter of a brutal battle at a contested convention in July. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, left, talks to media members as he leaves a news conference, Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at the Republican National Committee Spring Meeting in Hollywood, Fla.

Neither Cruz nor Trump have the best polling to beat Clinton.

Pennsylvania, a state Trump should easily win, has 54 unbound delegates who are elected by voters and are free to vote for whomever they wish. But he sees a window to snatch the nomination from Trump at the convention, and his campaign is working feverishly to line up delegates who would support him if Trump fails to prevail on a first ballot.

“That is an ominous storm cloud for the Trump campaign when the race moves West again”, Mr. Cruz said. “There’s a real difference between defeating Trump in a way that satisfies the majority of the party”, writes Brian Beutler at the New Republic, “and wresting the nomination from him in a way that strikes a majority of the party as underhanded”.

For the Democrats, Clinton got the sizable victory she needed after losing the last seven of eight contests to Bernie Sanders.

In the Democratic race, Mrs Clinton was set to win roughly 30 more delegates than Mr Sanders, out of 247 at stake.

Hillary Clinton emerged from New York’s presidential primary closer to clinching the Democratic nomination and becoming the first woman to reach that milestone.

Donald Trump is feeling pretty bullish.

The front-runners hope to replicate their strong showings in NY in the cluster of Northeastern states next up on the primary calendar. Clinton was scheduled to spend Wednesday campaigning in Pennsylvania, while Trump had a rally planned in Maryland, as well as Indiana.

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