Trump, Clinton 2 sides of same coin


On the other hand, Kasich, who has only 148 delegates, despite doing better than Cruz in NY, would need 1,048 delegates to win the nomination. According to a Fox News poll, Clinton is backed by 46 percent of likely Democratic primary voters, while Sanders’ supporters amount to 42 percent.

In a statement, Cox said Trump has shown “remarkable political skill that has energized Americans who have felt disenfranchised by a government that hasn’t worked for them”.

HILLARY CLINTON (D), Democratic Presidential Candidate: The race for the nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight.

“The #NeverTrump movement missed opportunities to take delegates away from Donald Trump in more than half a dozen NY congressional districts last night by not engaging in any serious ways”, he said. Ted Cruz was in Indianapolis on Thursday for the state Republican Party dinner and John Kasich announced plans to visit Hamilton County on Tuesday.

But with the possibility of a contested Republican convention, Trump’s final two opponents, Texas Sen.

Evans noted that Trump could reach the number he needs to ensure eventual victory within the next few weeks of primaries.

Rep. Peter King said Friday that Ted Cruz was “making too much” of assurances by Donald Trump’s convention manager than he planned to tone down his “persona” in trying to improve his relationship with Republican Party officials. “I’m not running for anybody’s Vice President, man I’m gonna be the nominee”, said John Kasich, (R) Presidential Candidate. “He’s got to really learn what he’s talking about”. Cruz has been vocal about his strategy to head into the GOP’s July convention short of 1,237 votes on the first ballot, later swaying enough delegates for a second ballot surge to clinch the nomination – although it may fall short of the “clear path” he expected of Kasich. “You know, they would never say it to somebody’s face, the most vile, harassing, incredibly mean-spirited things that are said about people”. They have a right to vote for that agenda.

A day after the next round of primary elections in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Trump is scheduled to give a speech on foreign policy at the National Press Club on Wednesday, April 27. Cruz argued, however, his bet bet is to beat Trump at a contested convention, where he believes Trump will not get the majority of delegate support on the first ballot.

Hillary Clinton made her own campaign stop in Hartford today, where she discussed gun violence.


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