Trump Campaign Memo: Goal Is to Win 1400 Delegates to Take Nomination

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“Thank you, New York“, she said to chants of “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary” from jubilant supporters in Manhattan.

While Trump strengthened his hand, he is still far from in the clear. The Hoosier State is viewed as the most important upcoming primary by those in the party looking to blunt Trump’s path to the nomination.

With Trump buoyed by a big victory in Tuesday’s NY primary, Cruz is seeking an advantage by challenging the billionaire mogul to a debate before five states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island – vote next week.

His chief rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said no GOP contender will be able to capture the nomination outright during the primary process, paving the way for a convention battle. They didn’t quite say it right the first time.

The side-by-side GOP efforts at this late stage – with Trump amassing primary victories while Cruz digs for the support of delegates who could settle the nomination – are unprecedented in recent presidential campaigns and add to the deeply uncertain nature of the race. “So I am supposed to wait a half an hour because there are thousands of people outside trying to get in”. Flores, Teachout and Jayapal are all Democrats who have backed Sanders in the primaries.

She said these kinds of comments – and more broadly, what Trump has said about Muslims, women and immigrants – are unacceptable, and blamed the rise of the Internet for their amplification.

IN votes on May 3. “It was record-setting, and it’s New York“, Trump said. Trump’s winning big in Pennsylvania.

“Donald, with a characteristic display of humility, declared this race is over”, Cruz said.

Clinton and Bernie Sanders were caught in a back-and-forth spat recently about qualifications for the presidency – the Clinton campaign has argued that Sanders is becoming increasingly negative toward her, and Sanders has maintained that he has been on the defense.

“We are headed to a contested convention”, Cruz said Wednesday morning in an interview on Philadelphia radio. Party chairman Reince Priebus has discouraged such action this week.

Hillary Clinton squashed Bernie Sanders in NY yesterday with an impressive 15 percent margin of victory.

Sanders could also attempt to convert some of his campaign’s assets into a political action committee, in a manner similar to the Democratic Party creating Organizing for America out of the Obama campaign after the president took office.

Sanders decamped to his home in Vermont but planned to campaign in Pennsylvania on Thursday and Friday. She also says his “eagerness to bully minorities” would be unacceptable behavior from students.

In lieu of an exit question, go read Michael Dougherty on how and why the Republican Party is doomed. Trump is seen by some as a threat to the GOP’s very existence.

Cruz addressed reporters at the South Florida resort where Republican party officials are gathering for their quarterly meeting. After Tuesday’s win in New York’s primary, Trump has 845 delegates – while Cruz has 559 and Ohio Gov. John Kasich 147.

CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported that Clinton needs only about 30 percent of the remaining delegates to lock in the Democratic nomination, while Trump needs 57 percent to avoid a convention fight.


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