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Trump Aides Woo RNC With Promises Of A Civil, Professional Trump

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“If he is the nominee, we’ll work hand in hand with him”.

“People ought to feel good about what he did”, Elleithee said. “We deserve a president who’ll fight to protect the rights and dignity of everyone – not a reckless, feckless politician who’ll do or say anything to score a point”. “What he said, is Mr. Trump can be this way, that way, he can be whatever way he wants”, Trump said.

Trump remains the favorite to win the GOP nomination, although his path to winning a majority of delegates through primary elections remains narrow. She was joined at a local doughnut shop with Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., who recalled the former secretary of state’s time as a law student at nearby Yale University. Yet he has repeatedly attacked the party’s methods of assigning each state’s delegates.

Despite his team’s aggressive message, Trump was telling voters he wasn’t quite ready to act presidential.

At issue: If Trump can’t win the nomination on the first ballot at the convention, using the delegate totals set during the primary elections, individual states’ rules complicate his chances of doing so on subsequent ballots. Ted Cruz by six points.

An effort by one state activist was made to strip McConnell from the slate of party-supported delegates, but was easily beaten back by the party chairman.

But, Trump has shown – both on Tuesday night and over the past week or so – an ability to reign himself in that suggests he understands that this new and improved version of himself is the one that can actually win the Republican presidential nomination. You’ll see a real different way.

It is not clear whether party leaders will accept Trump’s olive branch, and become more open to working with him if he tones down his rhetoric. Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin was largely fueled by an exodus of Kasich supporters to the Texan’s campaign. “I think that’s a factor”. He’s always been a very impressive businessperson.

“I don’t know whether he would take it or not, I assume he would”, Krauthammer said.

The Mississippi delegate joked, “you don’t get to 1,237, you can go to Disney World”.

Cruz repeatedly portrays trans people as child predators.

But Trump’s critics, including rival Ted Cruz, tried to use Manafort’s assertion that he has simply been “playing a part” as an opportunity to undercut the front-runner’s core strength: that he’s authentic to a fault and says what he believes, regardless of the political repercussions. That’s at the edge of the poll’s plus or minus four point margin of sampling error. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump supporter Eric Starr shows his sign toward a line of protesters before a rally for Trump, Thursday, April 21, 2016, outside the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harr… “If we’re divided, we lose”.

“If we fall short of what our projections are in order for us to get there then, yeah, we’ll have to figure out if there’s a different way forward”, Sanders adviser Tad Devine told NPR’s Tamara Keith.

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