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Three AIIMS doctors reprimandedNew Delhi: Delhi Medical Council (DMC) has recommended the removal of three AIIMS doctors — two senior residents and one junior resident — from the state medical register for 30 days in a case of alleged medical negligence.

The regulatory body also directed all the three doctors to undergo 12-hours of continuing medical education on “labour management” and submit a compliance report.

Rajbir Kaur, a nursing officer at AIIMS, was admitted to the institute on January 16, 2017 for a normal delivery. The labour was progressing well until 5am the following day, when there was a sudden drop in Kaur’s fetal heart rate, necessitating an emergency surgery.

A probe by an internal committee found that an anesthesiologist was not present during the caesarean section operation. Instead, the job was performed by a junior resident, who neither had the experience nor was trained enough to handle such a complicated case.

The child was stillborn and Kaur went into distress due to aspiration-entry of stomach material into the respiratory tract. Kaur died later.

The DMC report, a copy of which is with TOI, stated the patient was not a high risk case, rather the junior resident was incompetent in giving general anaesthesia independently and failed to intubate the patient. “If experienced senior resident or consultant had been there to conduct anaesthesia, the mortality could have been avoided. Even if it had been performed under local anaesthesia, the patient, and probably the baby, could have been saved,” it added.

Dr Arun Gupta, president of DMC, said the whole incident is a poor reflection on the lack of coordination between anaesthesia and gynaecology team, which resulted in the unfortunate tragedy. “The inquiry also found that one of the doctors was not registered with the DMC. This is a serious lapse from the administration,” he added.

Kaur was working in the bronchoscopy lab. She was popular among the nursing staff and faculty. Recently, the institute decided to name the bronchoscopy after her.

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