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While many people have seen it coming for years now, the #MeToo movement finally began its impact on the music industry following the recent sexual assault lawsuit filed by singer Cassie against hip-hop mogul Diddy, detailing scathing accusations of assault throughout their 11-year relationship as a couple.

Diddy has only proved to be the beginning though, with many other names being exposed in the process as either enablers at best or accomplices at worst. R&B singer Aaron Hall, a pioneer of the New jack swing era in R&B, unfortunately appears to be part of the latter group.




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The downfall of Hall, who ironically inspired the early career of fellow disgraced R&B star R. Kelly, has seemed to be an “any day now” situation if you listen closely to his music. Although he retired back in 2005 with a project literally titled Adults Only: The Final Album, its his early work as a member of the R&B trio Guy and two successful solo LPs released in the ’90s that allows him to regularly tour as a legacy act. That’s where things get a bit tricky.

With everything that Aaron Hall is being accused of, from the alleged sexual assault “swapping” with Diddy in the early ’90s to grooming and impregnating a then-teenage Gloria Velez in the mid ’90s, many are looking back at his work to see if the signs were always there. We decided to do the research for you all and — surprise, surprise! — they were there all along.

In case you had any question as to whether or not Aaron Hall did any of the stuff that he’s being accused of, take a look at a few examples of songs that definitely haven’t aged well given the current circumstances. From cringey horniness and love that felt demanding to directly perpetuating rap culture, this may very well be your last time listening to the self-proclaimed “Nasty Man” of New jack swing.

Keep scrolling to see 10 Aaron Hall songs that, in our opinion, don’t do a good job at proving his innocence:


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