The Don is ‘projecting an image,’ Trump election strategist says


Yes, that includes superdelegates, but they can not be dismissed. “But here you have a guy who has won only one state out of 35 and is still behind Rubio in delegates, or you have Cruz, who is winning or finishing second everywhere”.

Sanders and his team seem to now be getting that reality.

“Gov. Kasich can absolutely win some delegates here”, he said. “I view that as a John Weaver memo, and I think what John Weaver meant to say was, “thank you for all you’ve done, because without you we wouldn’t even be in this race today.’ So I just say ‘you’re welcome” and leave it at that”. “I think Trump is looking for someone with government experience, someone who is more political”.

Maybe some will be swayed by the “running stronger” argument, but more likely, that is talk to keep the flame burning (and the money coming in).

To get across the finish line before July, he will need to score at least one more tough victory.

In her victory speech, the 68-year-old Clinton shifted her focus to the general election match-up with Republicans, extending an olive branch to Sanders supporters after a tense NY primary. That’s close to impossible to do, because delegates are allocated proportionally on the Democratic side. Clinton also beat Sanders, taking in 58 percent of the vote. Jim Manley, a former top aide to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, said Clinton’s pick “has to be viewed through a prism of, among other things, their ability to bring on Sanders voters”. “We’ll see how we do there and then we’ll be able to sit back and assess where we are”.

Sanders would recapture some momentum with such an unexpected big-state win, but he can’t escape the fact that Democrats award delegates in proportion to the vote.

“Donald, with a characteristic display of humility, declared this race is over”, Cruz said.

Clinton’s campaign has said Sanders could hurt the party’s ability to unite against the eventual Republican nominee.

Sanders largely gave her a pass, except by implication, as he denounced the thinking behind the Iraq war, which she supported, and warned of the risks of pushing regime change, as he addressed and took questions from a crowd of some 2,000 in a gym, with hundreds more in an overflow room.

If Sanders misses those benchmarks again Tuesday, Clinton will not have clinched the nomination mathematically, but a lot of people will be saying this race is over. Of those 71, 17 are at-large and bonus delegates, meaning they go to the victor of the presidential primary preference vote – Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich or, less likely, anyone else on the ballot. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, gestures as he speaks during a news conference, Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at the Republican National Committee Spring Meeting in Hollywood, Fla.

Cruz says many conservatives disagree with Trump on the increasingly contentious issue.

Though the fictional Clinton campaign appears rattled by Cruz in the ad, the actual Clinton campaign has publicly welcomed a matchup with either Trump or Cruz. “Cruz has personally met with several of the potential delegates”.

So while it’s still not the easiest path for Trump, New York was a good start for him to right the ship.

According to the New York Times’ delegate simulator, if Trump continues to maintain support in the high-40s, and Cruz and Kasich effectively split the remaining vote, Trump will get to the magical 1,237 number after the California primary under all modeled scenarios.

Voters in Pennsylvania will directly elect those 54 delegates to the national convention Tuesday, but unlike most states, they will have no idea which candidate a delegate will support since the voter will only see a list of delegate names to choose from on their ballot.


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