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Texas ‘affluenza’ teen jailed for almost 2 years


Though Couch was considered a juvenile until Monday when he turned 19, his case had already been transferred to the adult courts.

Authorities later determined Ethan Couch was traveling at a speed of 70 miles per hour. Instead of jail time, he received a 10 year probation sentence, residential rehab and counseling.

Initially, Salvant said he would not immediately rule on how much longer Couch would spend in Tarrant County jail.

Three years ago, Couch got behind the wheel of a truck and started driving with a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit.

FORT WORTH, Texas The so-called affluenza Texan is due to make his first appearance in adult court on Wednesday to determine his sentence for violating a juvenile probation deal imposed after he killed four while driving drunk outside Fort Worth.

During the trial, a defense psychologist controversially testified that Couch’s actions were products of “affluenza” – a mental condition whereby wealthy people are more cavalier with their behavior because they believe their elevated socioeconomic status permits it. The psychologist described him as being a victim of “affluenza”, a term whose definition and usage sparked outrage across the nation.

The latest chapter in Couch’s case began on December 2, when a video surfaced showing someone who looked like Couch at a drinking party.

Couch has now been brought to justice after he was caught in Mexico after fleeing a possible probation violation.

A Texas judge on Wednesday sentenced “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch to almost two years behind bars for violating parole, sternly informing the 19-year-old that he wouldn’t be leaving lock-up any time soon.

On Dec. 28, authorities found Ethan and Tonya Couch in the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta.

Couch lost control of his family’s pickup truck after he and his friends had played beer pong and drank beer that some of them had stolen from a Wal-Mart.

Killed were Breanna Mitchell, 24, of Lillian, whose vehicle had broken down; Hollie Boyles, 52, and Shelby Boyles, 21, who lived nearby and had come outside to help Mitchell; and Burleson youth minister Brian Jennings, 41, a passer-by who had also stopped to help. Ethan Couch appeared to have grown a beard and dyed his hair black. She is now under house arrest. Because she has not yet been indicted, Salvant-who is overseeing her case as well-has issued a gag order prohibiting public discussion of the son’s case by the lawyers involved, the Morning News reports.

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