Tesla Recalls Model X SUVs for Problem With Third-Row Seat


Tesla on Monday issued a voluntary recall for Model X vehicles over an issue that could cause the third-row seats to fold forward during a crash.

The company e-mailed customers that the recliner hinge in the back row seats unexpectedly slipped during a pre-delivery test in Europe.

Tesla president of sales and service Jon McNeill explained to NBC News that the vehicle’s third-row seat’s locking hinge fails and the seat collapses due to the weight of the occupant wearing the seatbelt.

Tesla has also said that a fix is “already in place” for the recall and they’ve created “a new recliner design with improved quality”.

The brand began informing customers of the recall on April 11, and Tesla expects all of the estimated two-hour repairs to be completed in about five weeks.

Affecting Model Xs built before 26 March this year, it is understood to apply only to vehicles in the States.

Word has it that Tesla is adding some new features to the 2017 Model S that includes new LED headlights and new seats among other cool stuff, and one of the other cool stuff is a mouthless face.

“We are emailing to inform you of a proactive action Tesla is taking to ensure your safety as a Model X owner”, the email said in part. Thankfully there have not been any reports of failure while on the road and by customers, but Tesla claims that they are erring on the side of caution and recalling them just to be safe.

Tesla says it’s a problem with the manufacturing process and not a design flaw.

Tesla has never conformed to the model-year conventions used by much of the rest of the auto industry. The occupants on the third-row seats will be at risk of more injuries or even fatality. While Tesla said that the supplier will bear the seat-replacement cost, the company will neither share any financial burden nor a material impact to its earnings.

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