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Ted Cruz: ‘Donald is telling us he’s lying to us’


But in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Trump suggested he was not ready to change from the style that has brought him close to the Republican presidential nomination.

Cruz is now pushing back at Donald Trump on North Carolina’s bathroom law.

He’s been “projecting an image”, Paul Manafort told the GOP officials.

“I think it’s probably going to give us quite a boost”, said Duane Cutlip, a Cruz supporter from Wake County. “There is momentum. Trump really finished big in NY”.

“Is the Trump campaign going to challenge the credentials of the Colorado delegation?”

Trump has won more states than his rivals, yet his team has been badly outplayed by Ted Cruz in the intricate game of ensuring that supportive delegates make it to the GOP convention in July in Cleveland.

Trump also said he would “love” to involve Florida Sen. Thirty more will be chose at the party’s state convention next month. “And I hope he does that”, Moore said.

Campaign leaders for Trump and Cruz told NEWS CENTER there had been ongoing talks about a “unity slate” with delegates who were pledged to remain with the same candidates they vote for on the first ballot.

Hwang said Connecticut Republicans can relate to Kasich’s record as governor of Ohio.

Earlier this week, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the respective frontrunners, scored huge victories in Gotham City. “It wouldn’t feel real”.

But don’t worry everybody, the Donald is just playing the fool to get attention – he can become a regular politician anytime he wants, according to his latest campaign rally. If Trump fails to get 1,237 needed for nomination going into the convention, Cruz supporters could vote for their candidate on subsequent ballots. That would push the GOP race toward a contested convention. He touched on several issues concerning local voters, including GE’s decision to leave and move to MA, while also telling the crowd about how much he loved campaigning in the South.

Trump has hired a handful of more experienced advisers, including Manafort. The other appears aimed at softening his image, presenting him as a father and grandfather.

A movement like “Never Trump” is entirely dependent on momentum and the money that goes along with it. Allowing Trump to roll through April nearly uncontested – no part of the “Never Trump” group spent any money on TV in NY – looks like a major strategic mistake in retrospect. In a recording of the private meeting obtained by the AP, Manafort promised the RNC that they will see “more depth” with Trump, stating that the “real person” will come into view as the “negatives will come down“. “He said, and he said that he’s gonna do things differently and he’s not gonna build the wall, ‘” Trump said.

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