Tamar Braxton Reveals Fans Her Heartbreak Following Her Sister’s Death


Tamar Braxton is revealing to her fans and followers the terrible heartbreak she is left with following her sister’s death. Check out what she recently posted on her social media account.
‘Someone lied and said “it gets easier”. It doesn’t. You just continue to live without. on your last birthday, we all were so hopeful and Optimistic and said it wasn’t going to be your last one. We were right because Today and EVERY birthday we will celebrate you just like we said we would. #happyheavenlybirthday our sisterly bond is unbreakable. #foreverthebraxtongirls we love you #TrayDay,’ she said.
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Someone said: ‘This is so unbelievable to me and my heart has been heavy for some time now knowing what you guys are going through. Your right, it doesn’t get easier, and you never stop hurting. But some how, God will always give you the strength to to make it through your toughest days. He will always fill your life with other things to smile about, like the amazing days ahead with your son and family. I sometimes think of my sisters and smile, because as much as i miss them, i can’t stop laughing at some of the crazy times we had. I promise God will never let your love for Traci fade away and today i pray that you can focus on every beautiful fun moment you spent together. Xoxo.’
One follower posted this: ‘I love you sis. Holding you in the brightest light of love. I pray that as you mourn you are held in the lap of the Mother and nourished and nurtured to the fullest.’
A fan said: ‘It’s like living everyday with a hole in your heart. But the love you two shared transcends time and space! She can feel it, just like you can feel hers. That can help fill the gap some. Thinking and praying for you all. Long live Traci.’
A follower said: ‘I doubt you’ll see this but please accept my deepest condolences. I know what you’re feeling. My sister passed away the day before her birthday and this was almost 4 years ago. You’re right, it doesn’t get easier, but you will cope better as time passes. Wishing you and tour family continued healing. Like my sister, Traci is no longer in pain nor suffering. May God rest her soul.’

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