Super speciality doctors decry current system for promotions

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Super speciality doctors decry current system for promotionsVisakhapatnam: Doctors with super speciality degrees believe they are getting a raw deal in matters of promotion to key administrative posts in the state when compared to their master of surgery (MS) and medicinae doctor (MD) counterparts.

Super speciality doctors study three extra years for their super-specialisation degrees (magister chirurgiae/doctorate of medicine). They begin government service (as assistant professors) three years later. This results in them not getting selected as director of medical education or health director or additional health director on seniority basis. Now, they want the government to give them weightage or reserve certain ratios for doctors with higher qualification.

A super-specialist working at King George Hospital said, “Having a higher qualification has turned out to be a bane for super-specialists. An MBBS doctor studies for three additional years – in either surgical (MS) or non-surgical disciplines (MD) for working in government medical colleges. However, a doctor pursuing super specialisation after his post-graduation in MD or MS has to wait for another three years till the completion of his degree (MCH/DM) to join the medical college as assistant professor. Due to the seniority-basis they are lagging behind by three years as compared to less qualified (PG) doctors who are getting selected for key medical directorate posts.”

Another super-specialist doctor pointed out, “Since we are at a disadvantage for promotions, we suggest the government consider a few options based on our higher qualification. Either, we should be given a priority over MS/MD or a three-years grace/weightage age-wise should be given. Another option could be reserving key posts on 50:50 ratio or some such basis for PG doctors and super-specialist doctors. If the state government could have enhanced the retirement age from 60 to 63 years stating the reason that MS/MD doctors spend three years after MBBS to complete their PG degrees and enter service in medical colleges and hospitals, why not enhance another three years for super-specialists, who spend extra three years”

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