Sanders Spent $9 Per Vote in NY, Trump Spent 13 Cents


Jose Fernandez, a partner in a New York-based global law firm, worked directly with Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013 and he served there during the same years.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign released a video Thursday that attacked Donald Trump using fictional members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff.

Curly Haugland, a longstanding RNC official and an unbound delegate from North Dakota who will be on the convention rules committee in July, tells CNBC that attaining the 1,237 delegate count during the primaries does not secure the nomination, “Even if Trump reaches the magic number’ of 1,237 the media and RNC are touting, that does not mean Trump is automatically the nominee” Haugland said. In a shift toward the general election, she made a direct appeal to Sanders’ loyal supporters, telling them she believes “there is more that unites us than divides us”.

When asked by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell in an interview that aired Friday if he would help steer his followers to Clinton if she wins the nomination, Sanders said he would have to consider her views at that point. Trump said, as he appeared to be confident of bagging the party’s presidential nomination despite being quite far away from the necessary 1237 delegates to get this. “So now, I’m gonna say she’s not qualified”.

Sanders dodged a question about running on a Clinton ticket, saying instead that he’s focusing on the five states that hold primary elections this coming Tuesday. We have a mess. “We have probably spent $ 4 trillion in the Middle East”, the Republican front runner said in his speech.

Trump personally did not attend the meeting, but was represented by his close aides. I’ve never introduced myself. This as he still writing big checks for his campaign, 11 million just in March and for the first time spending more than Ted Cruz.

Trump basked in the glow of his victory at a rally in Indianapolis, where he drew several thousand people to a packed building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. They’re going to pour in, they’re filling up the floor. But he sees a window to snatch the nomination from Trump at the convention, and his campaign is working feverishly to line up delegates who would support him if Trump fails to prevail on a first ballot.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the only other Republican left in the race, picked up at least three NY delegates but still has only one primary win – his home state.

Clinton is campaigning outside Philadelphia as part of a sprint toward the April 26 primaries in the Keystone State, as well as Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland and Rhode Island. “If young people come out and vote, we’ve got an excellent chance to win”.


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