Sanders, Cruz resist pressure after NY losses, vow to fight to conventions


While Trump has been highly critical of the former secretary of state throughout his presidential campaign – including knocking Clinton over her email scandal and calling her an “enabler” of her husband’s alleged sexual abuse – the NY real estate mogul had previously been effusive in his praise of the Clintons. “Remember every state has a different delegate allocation process”, Haugland said, “Delegates are picked up in state contests that can be victor take all, open primaries, and remember there are seven states that allow the candidates to pick their own delegates. What is happening here?” she said.

Clinton, who has been in the public eye for much of her adult life, said it has taken her “years to be able to” give this advice because she has to figure out how she chooses to deal with it first. “I am not going to reach 1,237, and Donald Trump is not going to reach 1,237″.

Trump needed a strong showing in NY to keep alive his chances of clinching the Republican nomination before the party’s July convention – and to quiet critics who say the long primary season has exposed big deficiencies in his campaign effort. “That says something. There’s intense loyalty”.

Sanders raised about $46 million nationwide in March, compared with Clinton’s $27 million.

Fernandez said Sanders may stir excitement, but said he falls flat when pressed about details of how he would solve the problems he most frequently addresses.

And while younger voters make up the crowds at his rallies like this one, the Democratic candidate knows the bulk of primary voters are parents or grandparents. Further, his campaign is courting “unbound” delegates in several states – most recently in Pennsylvania, which votes next week and does not bind most its delegates to the primary results – in hopes they would also flock to him in the event of a floor fight. “We’re not going to let it happen anymore”. “We have got to stand up against that”. She could lose them all and still win the nomination – if she does well enough to win some delegates. Other agencies are looking into what laws, if any, may have been broken.

On Thursday, Clinton will be at the YMCA on Albany Avenue accompanied by the family of victims killed in Sandy Hook, along with other family members of gun violence victims, her campaign said.

“I’m not concerned from a legal point of view”, he said, saying that now it is being portrayed as wrong, when it wasn’t at the time. “Remember, it’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up”.

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