Samsung fans may have to shell out at least $100 more for the Galaxy S9 compared to last year's phone

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  • A new report suggests the Galaxy S9 may see a
    significant price bump in certain markets. 
  • Meanwhile, rumors suggest the device may not have

    major feature
  • Samsung has confirmed the device will be announced in
    late February. 


Samsung’s launch event for the Galaxy S9 is
three weeks away
, and it sounds like the company’s next big
phone will be more expensive than last year’s Galaxy S8. 

A new report from
Tech Radar
 suggests the Galaxy S9 may
cost £769 in the UK, which is £100 more
expensive than the Galaxy S8 sold for when it released in
2017. The Galaxy S8 currently sells for approximately $750
in the US. 

Price increases are to be expected, but this would be a
major bump for a device that likely won’t have many
flashy upgrades. 

While the Galaxy S9+ may
feature a dual-camera setup, the feature isn’t new for Samsung,
having been introduced on the Galaxy Note 8 in September

The larger Galaxy S9+, which will likely be even more
expensive than the standard Galaxy S9, may
also include
a larger battery and more
Samsung has teased the Galaxy S9 will have a
focus on
camera upgrades
and reports suggest the device may
introduce a super slow-motion camera feature. Still,
no rumors about the device explain the possible price

If true, Samsung remains in step with the steady price increase
on premium smartphones. The Korean manufacturer has been
notorious for its eye-watering smartphone price tags but was
beat out by Apple’s iPhone X, which released with a $1,000
starting price in September 2017. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is
currently its most expensive smartphone at $950.

If trends continue, it is possible Samsung may soon test the
waters with a device starting at $1,000. There are murmurs that
Galaxy X smartphone with a foldable display
could release in
2018. We expect that smartphone would be quite expensive, with
new screen technology as its highlight feature. 

There is
also word about
the Galaxy S9 Active and Galaxy Note 9
releasing after the Galaxy S9. Both devices would likely be more
expensive than the Galaxy S9.

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