Roche looks to bring evidence-based medicine tech to India

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Roche looks to bring evidence-based medicine tech to IndiaMUMBAI: Swiss drug maker Roche is looking for startups in India that will help the company bring evidence-based medicine in India through its proprietary technology, according to the company’s newly appointed India head.

Lara Bezerra, Roche Managing Director (India), who moved from the troubled Venezuela market to India, told ET that as part of its long-term strategy the company can bring applications of Flatiron, a tech company that it acquired this year to India.

Flatiron Health is a market leader in oncology-specific electronic health record (EHR) software, as well as the curation and development of real-world evidence for cancer research.

Roche during the acquisition of the company in February said that with its large network of community oncology practices and academic medical centres across the US, Flatiron Health has created a technology platform designed to learn from the experience of every patient.

“When we are having this vision for India we realised that whatever you do in India you can’t do in short term. So we have to think something long term. So we are looking how should we bring Flatiron tech to India,” said Benzerra. “May be there is startup in India that can work with Flatiron so we are looking at all these options.”

Millions of patient profile is matched through this tech and the doctor is provided with the best possible outcomes that these kinds of patients have. So along with medical judgement the doctor has an option to lean into this data base too, explained V Simpson Emmanuel, Director, Market Access, Roche India.

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