Prince George meets President Obama


The young prince was given a 15-minute bedtime extension so he could meet the Obama’s for the first time.

First lady Michelle Obama flew in from Washington to join her husband for a series of royal engagements that make up the centrepiece of the president’s valedictory trip to London.

The couples shook hands before climbing into the vehicle – ladies in the back seat – for the short ride to the castle.

“The queen’s been a source of inspiration for me”, Obama said later at a news conference alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The royals remain popular, but some people ask what will happen when the queen in good health, riding her favorite pony and walking her corgis dies.

Wearing gingham pyjamas, baby slippers and an embroidered bathrobe, the adorable prince met up with the U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, who were invited to the palace for a dinner party by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. William is second in line to inherit the British throne after his father, Prince Charles.

Obama, in an open-collar shirt with his suit, held an umbrella for his wife, dressed in a camel-colored ensemble. The palace released photos showing the Obamas and the royals chatting in the drawing room of William’s apartment home, and of Obama kneeling in front of a pajama-clad George.

The Obamas sent the rocking horse to William and Kate upon Prince George’s birth in July 2013. The White House stated that Obama gifted the Queen with a photo album filled with her past meetings with American presidents. In some photos, a stuffed toy replica of Obama’s dog Bo, an earlier gift to the toddler from the president, rested on an ottoman.

Obama was also expected to have dinner with the queen’s grandsons later Friday.

How those issues are handled is important, he said.

Political issues in the United Kingdom and the US, including Britain’s possible exit from the European Union, or Brexit, are on the agenda, along with the USA presidential campaign that will determine Obama’s successor.

Obama said solving world challenges “requires collective action” as he stated his case for why Britons should keep their country in the EU. He said membership amplifies British influence around the world. The president was capping the night at a dinner with Prime Minister David Cameron and U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun at the envoy’s government residence. Backers of those who support Britain’s exit have accused Obama of hypocrisy and meddling.

Obama said he’ll review a scorecard after leaving office.

Bearing a gift and birthday greetings, President Barack Obama on Friday celebrated Queen Elizabeth II over lunch at Windsor Castle, going the extra mile for a monarch he’s expressed a special affection for over his tenure.


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