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Presidential candidates at full speed heading into weekend


Clinton’s comments about bullying also nod to the fact that should she win the nomination and run against Donald Trump, the current Republican front-runner, both Democrats and Republicans alike feel the contest could be historically dirty. Trump’s tightening grasp of his party’s presidential nomination dominated much of the hallway discussion. “I’m going to respond to what he has said about women in general”.

But really, all trans people want to do in the bathroom is the same as non trans people: they just want to pee.

He also accused Hillary Clinton of being “crooked”, saying, “we call her “crooked Hillary” because she’s a crooked person”. Dick Durbin of IL, the No. 2 Democratic leader, said he’s counting on Sanders to help bring party members together at the Philadelphia convention in July.

“Is the Trump campaign going to challenge the credentials of the Colorado delegation?”

“I voted against it”, she said of a bill to protect gun-makers from legal liability. After all, 43 percent of his supporters said in a January survey they liked Trump because he “speaks his mind”. The survey was conducted by the Working America arm of labor organization AFL-CIO.

Donald Trump holds a slight lead over his Republican rivals in the survey commissioned by WTHR-TV and Howey Politics Indiana.

Clinton is campaigning outside Philadelphia as part of a sprint toward the April 26 primaries in the Keystone State, as well as Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland and Rhode Island. There are 620 delegates up for grabs in the votes still to come, with another 113 floating between candidates that have now dropped out and the superdelegates who are not bound to any candidate.

Nonetheless Pennsylvania Republican Primary is not going to be like the victor take it all, the way it happened in the NY primary election where Donald Trump won nearly 90 out of 95 delegates.

Senior advisers for Trump, Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich courted RNC members in a series of private meetings on the resort’s grounds, sometimes sitting at adjacent tables in the marble-floored lobby. “There’s no path to victory for Cruz, so he should get out”. Someone close to Manafort told Politico that those who had been running the show for Trump didn’t do enough to keep supporters’ violent behavior under control, but that a shift in tone is coming.

It turns out our state might not be as relevant as we thought.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on Friday the party was prepared for numerous scenarios, including a contested convention if no Republican has earned the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. Many GOP officials at the Republican National Convention (RNC) quarterly meetings in Florida have reported similar experiences.

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