Oracle launches new cloud-based eClinical solution

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Oracle launches new cloud-based eClinical solutionMumbai: Technology giant Oracle on Thursday announced the launch of a new holistic, unified cloud-based eClinical solution intended to bring new drugs to the market in a timely manner, while maintaining quality and safety.

The new “Clinical One Platform” will unify clinical development operations and information in a single environment with shared functions and an easy-to-use interface for sites, clinical coordinators and their counterparts.

The holistic, unified cloud solution, is being built from the ground to address the needs of the entire drug development lifecycle – everyone and every process required to get a drug to market.

Clinical One Platform aims to bring more drugs to market faster and offer hope for more cures by eliminating redundancies, creating process efficiencies and sharing information in a way that has never been done before.

“The Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One platform is the only cloud environment built from the ground to support the core capabilities required for effective study management throughout the entire clinical development lifecycle — from design and planning, to start-up and conduct, to close-out and post-marketing,” Jim Streeter, Global Vice President Life Sciences Product Strategy, Oracle, said in a statement.

In addition, Oracle also launched its first capability in the new environment, Clinical One Randomization and Supplies Management.

“The aim of launching the Clinic One platform is to enable organisations to accelerate the entire drug development process by eliminating redundancies and creating process efficiencies, while maintaining safety and compliance,” Streeter said.

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