New Google Flights Features Rolled Out: AI-Powered Predictions For Flight Delays, Limitations On Cheap Tickets

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Google launched two new Google Flights features that will make traveling easier for users. The first feature uses artificial intelligence to predict flight delays, while the second feature explains the restrictions of cheaper tickets. 
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Google Flights received two new features that will make it easier for travelers to keep track of any delays in their planned trips and what they need to give up to score cheaper tickets.

Google re-launched Google Flights back in February 2015, offering users assistance in finding airfare deals for their preferred destination at the best possible price. This was followed by a Google Flights update in October 2016 that was described as a new and improved version. With the two new features being added, Google Flights is slowly making its case as one of the best travel search websites available to users.

Google Flights Will Predict Delays Through The Power Of AI

In an official blog post, Google revealed that Google Flights will start using a combination of historic flight status data and machine learning algorithms to predict if your flight will be delayed. That’s right — Google Flights will harness the power of artificial intelligence to let you know that your flight is delayed, even before the airlines itself announces it.

Google said that it will only notify users of a possible delay if Google Flights has at least 80 percent confidence, but when it does, the service will also let travelers know the cause.

To track the status of a flight, users can simply search for their flight number, or the airline and the flight route on Google Flights. The service will then display if the flight is delayed or not in the search results.

However, even if a flight is delayed, travelers are still recommended to arrive to the airport on time.

Google Flights Will Explain The Limitations Of Cheaper Tickets

The second new feature of Google Flights is related to the new, cheaper tickets that American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines have started selling. Sometimes, customers purchase these low-priced seats without knowing all the details, resulting in surprising limitations that they only learn right as they board.

When users search for tickets to the three aforementioned airlines on Google Flights, the service will display all the information related to the cheapest tickets. For example, the Basic Economy fare for United Airlines does not allow travelers to store luggage in overhead bins, choose their seats, make changes to their tickets, or purchase upgrades.

All the flights of American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines worldwide are included in the initial run of the feature. There is no word on when Google Flights will include information on the tickets of other airlines.

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