More 'Rainbow Six Siege' Outbreak Event Details Emerge: 3 Co-Op Maps, Aliens, And More

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More information regarding the new “Rainbow Six Siege” content for its Operation Chimera Year 3 DLC was shared by Ubisoft. The developer’s blog post reveals new gameplay details, maps, operators, and more for Outbreak. 
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As the Six Invitational 2018 draws closer, Ubisoft teases its fans yet again with more details concerning the Outbreak event headed to Rainbow Six Siege.

Last week, the company revealed some minor details about the limited time event, which reportedly left fans with more questions than answers. The company is set to unveil the start of the third year of post-launch DLC support dubbed Operation Chimera. Alongside with the new information, a new trailer was shared on YouTube that confirms everything will be unveiled during the tournament.

Out Of This World

It was initially speculated that Outbreak will feature zombies, which already deviates from what gamers expect from a Rainbow Six game. Now, the preview footage appears to suggest that aliens might be involved as well.

An official blog post from the developer appears to shed more light on the setting and plot of the upcoming event. It looks like the gameplay will take advantage of the destructible structures featured in the game, according to the aforementioned post.

A New Kind Of Threat

“A few days ago, a mysterious space capsule crashed near Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. It turned out to be carrying an exotic parasite, the Apex, which infected the area and turned the town’s populace into monsters,” explained by the game studio.

The information given above obviously supports the rumors that Rainbow Six Siege players will run into zombies, whose existence is predominantly due to an alien parasite, which seems to be the premise in Outbreak.

Gameplay Tweaks And Changes

First of all, Rainbow Six Siege players will reportedly encounter five types of enemies during the Outbreak event. Gamers should note that unlike human foes, encounters will be “against a foe that doesn’t take cover and engages instantly in close combat.”

Three new maps will be included and apparently feature a more open design than regular PVP maps in the shooter. Nevertheless, operators will be able to use their tools and weapons to clear a path toward the goal. It will likewise come with a narrative-heavy experience that further unfolds throughout the mission.

Two preset difficulty levels will be available to choose from. On Normal, players can progress easily with skills learned from the regular game modes. Meanwhile, with Pandemic mode, foes take more damage before they fall, friendly fire is a real risk, and expert coordination is required to succeed, based on the developer’s notes.

Available Operators, Availability, And More

Outbreak will showcase a three-player co-op game mode wherein the available Rainbow Six Siege operators are limited to Smoke, Kapkan, Doc, Ash, Tachanka, Recruit, Ying, Buck, Glaz, and two new Operation Chimera operators. Gamers can likewise collect 50 exclusive cosmetic gear during the limited-time event. It will officially start on March 6 and last until April 3 and will be available for all copies of the team-based FPS.

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