Medical teachers' body against increase of doctor's retirement age

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Medical teachers' body against increase of doctor's retirement age Cuttack: The Odisha Medical Teachers Association (OMTA) believes that the state government should not increase the superannuation age of doctors beyond 65.

The association’s SCB Medical College and Hospital branch had recently convened a meeting wherein it was decided that they will request the state government not to hike the retirement age of doctors from the current 65 to 67.The members of the association had said if the superannuation age is increased to 67, the move will jeopardize the chances of promotion of many junior doctors. Besides, it will also affect the efficiency of many doctors.

“We have information that the government is contemplating a hike in the retirement age of doctors from 65 to 67 to resolve the problem of their acute shortage in the state,” said a member of OMTA.

The association alleged that only 50 doctors who occupy the positions of directors and heads of different departments will be benefited from the move, while the careers of hundreds of junior doctors will be badly affected by it.

“The raise in retirement age of doctors in Odisha will neither benefit patients nor majority of the medical professionals. Most of those beyond 60 years in Odisha are occupying administrative positions and are not into patient care. Giving them extension will in no way help improve healthcare,” said a senior doctor.

Alternatively, the government should allow them to retire at 65 years and engage those willing only in patient care on contractual basis.

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