Logan Paul's YouTube Projects on Hold Following Troubling Stunts

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Logan Paul

YouTube Projects Shelved

After New Troubling Stunts

2/9/2018 8:38 AM PST

Exclusive Details

Logan Paul is in deep you-know-what — YouTube announced Friday it’s suspending ads to his channel, and we’ve learned several unannounced projects are also coming to a screeching halt.

Our sources at YouTube tell us Logan’s suicide forest video weeks ago triggered a stop order on several projects that had yet to be revealed. Industry sources are telling us his “Airplane Mode” film is one of the projects on hold. 

This adds insult to the financial injury Logan was already facing with ads suspended after he posted more disturbing videos … including tasering 2 dead rats.

YouTube deemed Logan’s content as “unsuitable for brands” and is pissed he tried to monetize videos it views as potentially damaging. The decision seemed to be in the works for a while because YouTube cited Logan egging on viewers to do the Tide Pod challenge … as a reason for pulling ads.

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