Lara Trump Loved Joy Villa's 'Pro-Life' Dress at the Grammys

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Joy Villa

The Trumps Loved My ‘Pro-Life’ Dress

… For the 2018 Grammys

1/29/2018 12:25 PM PST


Donald Trump took a beating at the 2018 Grammy Awards — but his family did find one silver lining on the show … singer Joy Villa‘s pro-life dress!

Joy — who turned heads Sunday in her red carpet attire — tells TMZ she spoke with Eric Trump‘s wife Monday, saying she thought Joy’s hand-painted “Choose Life” dress was stunning … and left her proud of Joy’s conservatism. 

This ain’t Joy’s first controversial outfit at the Grammys — she showed up last year in a “Make America Great Again” gown in support of Trump, which also caused quite a stir.

As for this year’s dress, Joy tells us she doesn’t see it as “anti-abortion.” She says she simply supports life, and wants to expand the #MeToo and Time’s Up conversation to start including other women’s rights issues like this. She once gave up a baby for adoption.

Aside from Joy, just about everyone else at the Grammys happily skewered the Prez, including Hillary Clinton‘s epic burn in a skit.

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