Jen Selter Kicked of American Airlines Flight After Heated Argument

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Jen Selter

Kicked Off American Airlines Flight …

After Heated Argument

1/28/2018 8:11 AM PST


Fitness model Jen Selter was booted from an American Airlines flight Saturday night after she and her sister got in a heated argument with a flight attendant and pilot.

Jen and her sister got on the plane in Miami which was bound for La Guardia, but it was delayed for an hour-and-a-half due to mechanical issues.

Jen was seated when another passenger went to the bathroom and she decided to stand up and pull something from the overhead.  The flight attendant told her to sit down, and that’s when the argument erupted.  At one point the flight attended asked Jen if she wanted to get removed from the play and she responded, “Yes.”  She later said she was just being sarcastic.

The flight attendant called for the pilot, but the argument got more intense.  Although you don’t hear it in the video, a passenger called the crew “racist,” adding, “We are living in Trump’s America.”

That about did it … cops came on the plane and removed Jen, her sister and the other passenger.

Jen and her sister took an AA flight Sunday AM to NYC. 

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