ISIS claims to have downed Syrian regime jet


Syria’s Interior Ministry, meanwhile, said mortar shells fired by rebels fell in two neighborhoods in Damascus, including one several hundred meters from the Russian embassy.

For the second straight day Saturday, government airplanes pounded neighborhoods in Aleppo held by the opposition, in what activists described as the most intense campaign of airstrikes since the cease-fire.

Two activist-operated media outlets, the Syrian Revolution Network and Azaz Media center, say at least seven people were killed. The most recent round of talks, which began on April 13, is due to continue until Wednesday.

But De Mistura said members of his team had continued to meet remaining HNC members at their Geneva hotel.

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s envoy to peace talks in Geneva is defending his government’s record on humanitarian aid. None of the sides have renounced to it [] But it is in great trouble if we do not act quickly.

Syria has said opposition calls for Assad, 50, to leave the office he has held since 2000 are a “red line”. “It can definitely get back on track, but it will require urgent efforts”.

Eid successfully bailed out of the crashing warplane before he was snatched by the terrorist group who have previously savagely executed prisoners of war and posted the vile videos online.

A round of rockets also shook the town in the morning but caused no casualties. Mistura added that the death toll was his own estimate, not an official United Nations statistic.

ISIS militants have captured the pilot of a Syrian warplane which crashed southeast of Damascus on Friday, a news agency affiliated to the militant group said, Alarabiya reports.

Syrian state news agency SANA had no immediate news on the incident.

Seven civilians were killed and 10 wounded there, a civil defence member said. He said the wounded are being taken to neighboring towns for treatment because local hospitals are blocked by the fighting.

The head of a Britain-based monitoring group said the escalating violence meant a ceasefire between the regime and non-jihadist rebels, in place since late February, had effectively collapsed. Syria’s ethnic Kurds have declared an autonomous zone in parts of northern Syria, raising tensions with government forces.

The government has always maintained that it is fighting terrorists.


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