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Hillary Details Bernie’s Exit Strategy for Him


Kasich is widely regarded as continuing to campaign in the hopes of getting the VP slot, or chosen as the Republican “establishment” candidate should Trump fail to win enough delegates, plunging the Cleveland gathering into a brokered convention.

Republican presidential candidate Sen.

Turning to the Republican race, we’ll talk with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who continues to trail both Trump and Texas Sen. Delaware’s presidential primary season is no longer dormant.

Trump leads in the overall delegate count for the Republican party with a total of 847 delegates.

Sanders would recapture some momentum with such an unexpected big-state win, but he can’t escape the fact that Democrats award delegates in proportion to the vote.

That means the result of Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary is mostly for bragging rights, though the victor will have his hand strengthened in an argument to the uncommitted delegates over whom they should support.

Following a big primary win in NY this week, Hillary Clinton laid out her rival Bernie Sanders’s exit strategy for him during a Thursday interview.

“It is really nice to win the delegates with the votes”.

Those 54 delegates will be chosen directly by voters in each of the state’s congressional districts, not the party itself.

The two-day People’s Summit will take place in mid-June between the last set of primaries and the Democratic National Convention in late July. Beginning with the second ballot, they are as uncommitted as the 54 elected delegates.

MITCHELL: There are Clinton supporters, some of them superdelegates like Ed Rendell, the former governor here in Pennsylvania, who have said it’s great that you’re running and you shouldn’t get out.

“If you want to stop Donald Trump, there is only one campaign and only one candidate who has done so repeatedly and who has any plausible path to do so”. “I don’t think she’s going to be indicted”.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a town hall at Gettysburg College on Friday in Gettysburg, Pa.

Republican Party officials and political operatives say they expect an onslaught of delegate persuasion to begin in earnest after the election. And the chief of the department said, well, that’s an idea that doesn’t go anywhere: what will we do with the 1,000 Muslim American police officers that we have on the NYPD? “I think that is the goal of being uncommitted”. He won at least 89 of the 95 delegates at stake.

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