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Hillary Clinton Pivots Toward Donald Trump in Pennsylvania


Cruz conceded to reporters there that Trump was likely to have a good week next Tuesday in a quintet of states that neighbor NY, but indicated his eyes were fixed on states further down the line, such as California, which he deemed “the big enchilada”.

And though CT is not a winner-take-all state, Trump can claim all 28 delegates at stake if he wins each of the state’s five congressional districts and finishes above 50% statewide.

Clinton said at a campaign event in Pennsylvania she would not respond to Trump’s comments about her. Pence will share a stage with Cruz on Thursday at an Indiana Republican Party fund-raiser.

Trump’s newly hired senior aide, Paul Manafort, made the case to Republican National Committee members that Trump has two personalities: one in private and one onstage. Cruz added zero NY delegates to his total of 553, while Kasich has 148.

The last two delegates will have to wait until the absentee votes are counted.

Clinton, now 81 percent of the way toward clinching the Democratic nomination that eluded her eight years ago, can lose every remaining contest and still prevail. (There is no way for Kasich to get to 1,237 prior to the convention). If Trump wins that, he can get the number. “He was the man”, said one voter.

“We were behind”, Elleithee, who also worked on the Clinton campaign in 2008, told NPR.

And that is where Clinton is focusing her attention.

Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere said he wasn’t convinced by the presentation from Team Trump. At his rallies, he is still hitting her for her lucrative Wall Street speeches.

But Trump, 69, toned down his divisive rhetoric Tuesday, declining to use his epithet “Lyin’ Ted” to belittle his rival, although he continued to take subdued digs at the “rigged” primary delegate system. Cruz lists 26 names, while Trump has 39.

“Now let me tell you what Donald and the media want to convince everyone: That Pennsylvania is a suburb of Manhattan”, Cruz said Wednesday in Hershey. What is meaningful, however, is whom primary voters will select to send to Cleveland as the 54 uncommitted delegates. His spokesman Joe Fadness said Tuesday that nothing had changed. That plays to Hillary Clinton’s strength.

Christie is scheduled to return to New Jersey later Wednesday and appear on his monthly regular radio interview program. “It’s Hillary’s adopted state; the machine went to work”, he said.

Trump also said the plan to swap Jackson for Tubman on the $20 bill is an act of “pure political correctness”. His campaign says if he misses “benchmarks”, it will “reevaluate”. “There has been so little trouble”, he said.

Hundreds of supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders lined up early today outside the Scranton Cultural Center where he is scheduled to speak at noon.

Sanders now holds 1,191 delegates compared to Clinton’s 1,930.

– Including superdelegates: 1,930 to 1,189.

Remember Wisconsin? That state’s primary on April 5 was the beginning of the end for Donald Trump, insisted the ” Never Trump” movement within the GOP.

“Now there’s no path to victory for Cruz so he should get out”.

The front-runners hope to replicate their strong showings in NY in the cluster of Northeastern states next up on the primary calendar. In fact, campaigns sent higher profile surrogates to ME, which was battling out how to distribute their delegates on the same day.

Bernie Sanders spent the most in NY on ads, but it wasn’t enough to carry him to victory in his native state.

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