Hillary Clinton also wants Britain to stay in the EU


Following the 90-minute meeting in Lindley Hall, central London, on Saturday, Corbyn told reporters that he just had a “fascinating” and “excellent” meeting with Obama.

Saturday is the second half of Obama’s two-day visit to London.

At the press conference, Obama said the Churchill bust was now “right outside the door of the Treaty Room, so that I see it every day, including on weekends when I’m going into that office to watch a basketball game, the primary image I see is a bust of Winston Churchill”. But still, he cited his health care law, financial industry reform, the Iran nuclear deal and “saving the world economy from a great depression” among the issues he hopes to be remembered for.

Obama says he’ll “look at the scorecard at the end” – but there’s no doubt he’s keeping score even now.

Mr Cameron said the referendum was the “sovereign choice of the British people” but added: “As we make that choice, it surely makes sense to listen to what our friends think, to listen to their opinion, to listen to their views, and that’s what Barack has been talking about”.

Sources close to the former secretary of state’s campaign said she stood fully behind Obama’s opposition to Brexit, which the president said on Friday would not only undermine the worldwide institutions, including the European Union, that had bound nations closer together since 1945, but would also mean the United Kingdom being at “the back of the queue” when negotiating new trade deals.

Obama held up the recent nuclear deal with Iran as an example of the power of diplomacy over force. “I was one of the first to say how wonderful it would be if he became president”.

Though billed as an opportunity for young people to connect with Mr Obama, there were also some famous faces in the audience including Annie Lennox, Benedict Cumberbatch, Holly Valance, Bank of England governor Mark Carney and designer Ozwald Boateng. “I really wish yourself and [Prime Minister] David Cameron would take us seriously as transgender people”, the questioner asked Obama.

The president then went on to praise the move to equality and said that controversial laws passed in North Carolina and MS regarding trans people using public toilets were state issues.

Obama said keeping US citizens safe is his top priority and he suggested that it should also top the list for whomever Americans elect in November due, in part, to the threat posed by the Islamic State group and other extremist organizations.

Obama said he had been adamant in opposing racial profiling at airports.

He encouraged Munir to keep pressing for faster change: “It doesn’t feel fast enough for you or for those who are impacted and that’s good”, Obama said. That will teach you to compromise.

Obama angered critics of the EU on Friday by warning that Britain would be at “the back of the cue” for a trade deal if it left the club – one of the strongest US interventions in the affairs of a western European democracy since the Cold War.

“If we engage in Islamophobia we are not only betraying what is essential to us, but, just as a practical matter, we are engaging in self-defeating behaviour if we are serious about terrorism”, he said.

“Some said it was a symbol of the part-Kenyan President’s ancestral dislike of the British empire – of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender”.


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