Gov. Walker: I’ll Support Trump if He Becomes the GOP Nominee


You know, I can read the articles, for example, about, you know – if people want to know what actually happened in Georgia this weekend, where people that, I guess, on the first ballot, are going to Donald Trump, but representatives of yours talk to them and are persuading them to vote for you on a second ballot.

While Biden has not endorsed either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nominee, he has not been shy about talking about the state of the race and the two candidates.

What is a contested convention and will the Republicans have one?

The urban-rural and racial dynamics benefited Clinton for much of 2008, as she styled herself as the more moderate, conventional choice against Obama, then a 47-year-old junior senator from IL who excited young and minority voters on his way to becoming the nation’s first black president.

Each might have been overstating his case a bit, but this is politics.

Trump’s top aides were set to deliver a private briefing to RNC members Thursday afternoon outlining his path to victory.

Hillary Clinton said Friday the Internet has provided a place for bullies to say “the most vile, harassing, incredibly mean spirited things” that “they would never say it to somebody’s face” – an issue she has personal experience with.

Now to capture the nomination, Sanders must win 73 percent. Advisers to rival Bernie Sanders offered no signs of the Vermont senator giving up before the Democrats’ Philadelphia convention. Tuesday is no different, as all but one of the contests (Rhode Island) in these Northeast states are closed primaries.

He took 89 of the state’s 95 delegates and is now more than two-thirds of the way to the magic number of the 1,237 majority needed to be the Republican nominee. Ted Cruz, (R-Texas), and Ohio Gov. John Kasich looking for pledges of support any where they can get them.

On the Republican side, the delegate-selection process was designed by the states.

The campaigns themselves seemed nearly resigned to a Kentucky process geared to the party itself and less of the lobbying and delegate skirmishes which have marked other state contests.

Trump also said transgender people should be able to use whichever bathroom they choose, responding to North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom law” which directs transgender people to use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificates.

Those numbers would go even higher if Sanders can’t hit them Tuesday. “There has been so little trouble”, he said.

“The race for the Democratic nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight”, she told supporters at her victory party in Manhattan on Tuesday night. The Kasich campaign enlisted Joel Adams, a Louisville Republican operative to try and crack the system. Party chairman Reince Priebus has discouraged any rule changes this week.

“The chairman’s view is that the rules of the convention should be set by the delegates, by the grassroots Republican voters”, Spicer said.


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