Final: Clippers flex muscles to defeat Trail Blazers in playoff opener


The Trail Blazers average 45.5 rebounds per game, making them the fifth-best team in the league for that category. Lillard had a team-high 21 points, but hit just seven of 17. The LA Clippers tip off the 2016 NBA Playoffs with a first round game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Chris Paul and the Clippers are more than Trail Blazers can handle in 115-95 Game 1 blowout: This was the matchup the Portland Trail Blazers said they wanted and they got it. All of it. Blake Griffin dunked Sunday night at Staples Center like he hadn’t missed a game all season, Chris Paul scored and distributed with equal efficiency and DeAndre Jordan was a two-way force. They’re big and traditional. Congratulations to the entire Trail Blazer organization and thank you for giving Portland one of the most surprising, yet most exciting seasons yet and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this team. The Clippers are 6-0 with him in the lineup since his comeback.

The Blazers need to come up with better adjustments than the act-of-desperation hacking of Jordan, which began in earnest with the Trail Blazers hopelessly behind in the fourth quarter and wound up actually helping the Clippers expand their lead. The Portland Trail Blazers have a lower A/TO (1.51), ranking 22nd. Portland’s scoring highly depends on Lillard and CJ McCullum while LAC have all the players rotating it. “We had guards on him sometimes”. (Sorry, Rockets, but you just aren’t good enough to inspire that kind of reaction.) The whining, the flopping, the outrage at the lack of foul calls, Chris Paul’s nut punches-it all adds up to one rat king of terribleness.

The Blazers will get a much needed rest and also time to collect themselves. Also, if Griffin turns out to be limited by his lingering quad injury, the Blazers may be able to attack him early and often, neutralizing his effectiveness and forcing Doc Rivers to adjust accordingly. “Today I thought was the first day that he had great timing as well, so that was good for us”.

“I jumped off my right foot,” Redick said, “and when I came down, I just felt pain, pretty much immediately, on my left foot.”. Aminu finished 2-of-8 from beyond the arc and Harkless finished 0-of-3.

Griffin stared the game 3-of-4 from the field, and never really slowed despite not looking quite at 100 percent.

Over time, he will nearly certainly return to form, but the question is whether he can work his way back into shape before the conclusion of the series against the Blazers.

The threat of Golden State and another second round exit looms for the Clippers, but first they’ll have to clear the upstart Trail Blazers. But Matthews’ late-season Achilles injury messed with the team’s chemistry, and they were eliminated in the first round by a strong Memphis team.

Offensively, Griffin should be a competent option in the pick-and-roll, duck-ins and basic post-ups. Will he manage the incredible success in Portland that Bryant did in Los Angeles? Lillard, on the other hand, has shot 32.4 percent against the Clips, averaging 18 points and six assists per game.

The Los Angeles Clippers, with an assist to turnover ratio of 1.84, rank third in the National Basketball Association.


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