Envoy releases Omani youth’s poem on Indian prime minister Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the people to adopt water harvesting techniques keeping in view the prevalent condition of drought in Maharashtra.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will share his thoughts on a number of issues in his “Mann Ki Baat” programme of All India Radio today.

Stressing on the importance of water conservation, he highlighted a village in Ahmednagar where people chose to change their cropping pattern and grow plants that don’t need much water.

PM Modi now addressing the nation with “Mann Ki Baat” programme.

“The middle class and the lower middle class have also given up”, he said, adding that over 80 per cent of people went to the distributor themselves and stood in a cue to give up the subsidy though they had the option to do it through their phones.

Modi described the prevailing water crisis affecting hundreds of districts across India as “alarming” and called on the nation to hold the conservation of water as their highest priority and assured that the government was doing everything possible to tackle the situation.

“This task (of cleaning Ganga) can never succeed without people’s participation and that is we all have to become an agent of change in this”, he said. But I have seen people also make their own efforts.

Along with education, skill development is also important.

Urging parents to have regular conversations with their children about day-to-say activities at school, Modi made a distinct point by declaring that for the quality of education to improve the focus needs to shift from “schooling” to ” learning”, also recognising the role of technology for better quality of education.

“MP CM ChouhanShivraj was also telling me about how they are focussing on cleanliness during this year’s Simhasth Kumbh”, he said.

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