Duplicate sildenafil citrate tablets seized

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Duplicate sildenafil citrate tablets seizedVadodara: Duplicate sildenafil citrate tablets used to treat erectile dysfunction were seized from a pharmaceutical unit near Godhra on Wednesday. The seizure was made after a firm investigating violation of intellectual property rights and related issues filed a complaint with police.

Gujarat Pharmaceuticals located on Vejalpur Road near Godhra had come under the scanner of private investigators after they received information regarding tablets of the brand Puregrey 100 being manufactured there. The investigators approached Panchmahal police following which the local crime branch (LCB) raided the unit.

LCH officers along with the private investigators swooped down upon the unit and recovered a carton full of tablets of Puregrey 100 brand. The police seized 24,650 strips of eight tablets each from the site. The strips were packed in small cartons of the brand. Each strip is sold at Rs224 and the total stock seized from the unit was valued at Rs55,21,600. A roll of the packaging for the tablet was also recovered from the unit.

Sources said a man Siraj Kesari was present at the unit. He told the police that the unit was operated by Sohail Foda. Kesari could not produce any documents supporting the production of the tablet at the unit. The brand is actually owned by a company KGN Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

While the tablets were duplicates of Puregrey 100 brand, it is not yet clear if they were actually Sildenafil Citrate. A sample has been collected by the police and will be sent to forensic sciences experts for analysis.

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