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Donald Trump Jr: Ted Cruz has to bribe delegates to win

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“The mantra that somehow Donald Trump has become the presumptive nominee after NY is ridiculous”, Chad Sweet, campaign chairman for Texas Senator Ted Cruz, said on CNN on Friday. According to a poll out this week, Trump has a strong lead among Delaware Republicans.

Donald Trump strategist Paul J. Manafort, left, chats with former presidential candidate Ben Carson as they head to a Trump for president reception at the Republican National Committee Spring Meeting, Thursday, April 21, 2016, in Hollywood, Fla. “Doral, Mar-a Lago. I can put them in the best places in the world”, Trump said.

“It’s a risky place to be in”, Elleithee said, “and you’ve got to keep your head about you and remember what it is you’re fighting for”.

Tuesday’s primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island will be as competitive for the delegates at the bottom of the ballot as it is for the presidential candidates at the top – and campaign spending reflects the frenzy, Politico reports. After all, 43 percent of his supporters said in a January survey they liked Trump because he “speaks his mind”. He had drawn fire earlier for saying that while he was pro-Israel, he would remain neutral in negotiating a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Trump supporters said they understood why the candidate has been so brash.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hit the campaign trail on April 20 after their big primary wins in NY.

“The reality is Donald Trump is very upset about the fact that voters were cut out of the process”, Manafort told CNN’s “Newsroom”.

By far the highest vote tally that any GOP candidate has gotten in a single state during this primary season is Cruz’s tally in Texas, where he got 1,239,370 votes-easily more than double the number that Trump got in NY.

Sanders largely gave her a pass, except by implication, as he denounced the thinking behind the Iraq war, which she supported, and warned of the risks of pushing regime change, as he addressed and took questions from a crowd of some 2,000 in a gym, with hundreds more in an overflow room. Bernie Sanders by almost 8 percentage points in Connecticut, RCP data found.

Trump has won more states than his rivals, yet his team has been badly outplayed by Ted Cruz in the intricate game of ensuring that supportive delegates make it to the Republican convention in July in Cleveland.

But Ted Cruz and John Kasich say they’re going nowhere.

The Trump campaign sent Ben Carson to ME this weekend to rally delegates, and the Cruz campaign sent Carly Fiorina. “We deserve a president who’ll fight to protect the rights and dignity of everyone – not a reckless, feckless politician who’ll do or say anything to score a point”.

The GOP front-runner also took aim at his other Republican rival, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, pointing out the “millions of votes” he has more than Kasich and said the governor should change the spelling of his name so it’s easier to pronounce.

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