Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton lead over rivals Cruz, Sanders in key states


“Donald Trump speaks in broad themes that resonate with the country, but he also understands that there’s a more intricate process in how you run a general election campaign”, said Steve Duprey, a Republican National Committee member from New Hampshire who attended a meeting of the group in Florida.

The Columbian newspaper obtained supporter Valerie Vance’s recording of the call made to Trump’s campaign office in Vancouver, Wash.

J. Randolph Evans, an expert on Republican nominating rules, in past years would have toiled in obscurity and rarely seen the light of day, much less the front of a camera. “That’s a real problem and I think that’s an advantage for Cruz, because everybody knows where Cruz stands”, Barbour said Friday. “The part that he’s been playing is now evolving”. The negatives will come down. “The image is going to change”, he added.

Prominent Southern Democrats urged Bernie Sanders to stop dismissing Hillary Clinton’s landslide primary wins across the South, where the front-runner’s popularity among non-whites has helped fuel her success.

Still, Kasich is supported by a large number of establishment Republicans in Oregon. “Insults, derogatory comments.” Clinton, however, said she won’t reciprocate. “My opponent, Senator Sanders voted for it”. “I said, you know what, I don’t want to respond to that”.

And a new poll released Friday showed Trump leading Cruz in Indiana’s May 3 primary, a state where the “Never Trump” forces have already dedicated lots of time and money and the victor can take most or all of the state’s crucial 57 delegates.

“[That’s] where everything is going to hinge”, he said, “but we also have numbers on that, and they are devastating for Cruz”.

“When Donald talks about building a wall, when Donald talks about enforcing immigration laws, when Donald talks about, I guess, anything, that it’s all an act, a show”.

The Republican National Committee gathered at a seaside resort in southern Florida for its annual spring meeting.

The primary is Tuesday for both parties. Ted Cruz is spending $561,000 there, and two super PACs backing Ohio Gov. John Kasich are spending a little under $200,000, Politico reports. With his thoroughly dominating performance on Tuesday in New York, Donald J. Trump proved that he remains the preferred candidate of most Republican primary voters.

“He’s trying to moderate”.

“We’re supposed to vote in accordance with how our area voted, and I’m a delegate for the second district so, however the second district votes, I will vote on the first ballot”, said Carol McDowell, an in delegate to the Republican National Convention in July.

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