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Donald Trump Back in Connecticut This Saturday


But does the NY primary signal the end to an often wild and hectic primary season? And, sitting on the horizon is Pennsylvania with its whopping 71 delegates – a state where he holds a solid lead in the polls.

Those 54 delegates will be chosen directly by voters in each of the state’s congressional districts, not the party itself.

Whom the delegates support is not meant to be secret, many have made their choices public, but there is nothing on the Pennsylvania ballot that would direct voters to delegates backing a specific candidate. Another delegate candidate, Cruz supporter Aldridk Gessa, told CNN the Trump campaign had called to see if she would be willing to support him on a later ballot.

Following their emphatic victories in NY primary, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have moved closer to bagging their respective parties presidential nomination, but the Republican Party in all likelihood is headed for a contested convention. After that, the delegates can vote for someone else. “Five. Trump was getting slaughtered”, he said. He now has 845 delegates, though it’s unclear whether he can get to the crucial 1,237 mark before the July national convention. Another 17 at-large delegates are comprised of hand-picked party officials and other GOP activists. (The identities of donors who give $200 or less don’t have to be disclosed.) Clinton received $69,500.

The group, which has endorsed the Texas senator, has run ads against Trump in several states.

Will Sanders rage, rage against the dying of the light of his improbable aspirations and try to bring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton down with him? Bernie Sanders’ assessment that Democratic rival Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president – interpreting the Vermont lawmaker’s pronouncement as a condemnation of her “bad judgment”.

Cruz is using the argument to highlight that the GOP front-runner Trump – who beat the Texan in NY on Tuesday by roughly 45 percentage points – has consistently trailed Clinton in general election polling. The memo, which claims Trump is the “prohibitive favourite”, projects he will accumulate over 1,400 delegates to secure the nomination. Many are remaining noncommittal, at least publicly.

“To all the people who supported Senator Sanders, I believe there is much more that unites us than divides us”, Clinton said.

Asher is cautioning delegates against taking a hard stance for or against a particular candidate. “We’re going to go into the convention, I think, as the victor”.

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