Don’t know what Kangana is fighting for: Hrithik’s legal team


It has been revealed that Kangana has sent over 3000 emails to Hrithik Roshan in the span of few years but what is the truth is that she is communicating with an imposter but not Hrithik. It is also a matter of record that Mr. Hrithik Roshan filed his FIR with the cyber crime police station much after my client accused Mr. Hrithtik of hacking her accounts. Since over a month now, Hrithik and Kangana have been involved in an online fight regarding the said email id and have also sent legal notices to each other.

The Mumbai police has filed an application before a local court, seeking issuance of notice to US-based agency handling the email id created by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan.

For the time being, Kangana Ranaut has not reacted to this news and not claimed that the above emails are indeed hers. Hrithik drew flak for claiming that the actress is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, however in the emails, she has repeatedly claimed that she has Asperger.

One of the biggest controversies that has made headline for so many weeks now is the all out legal war between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. It’s evident that she carried forward her communication of 6 months with the impostor. Hrithik’s forensic report show no association with

Hrithik needs to understand that by circulating such unreliable emails or by asking my client to relinquish all her legal rights and liberties and quietly record her statement with the Police without asking any questions, proves the extent of his desperation and nothing else.

In the 4th point Kangana said that Hrithik proposed her in January 2014 in Paris but Hrithik said that he did not travel to Paris in such particular period. “We are convinced he is innocent”, said the police officer.

In the meantime, Kangana’s lawyer has maintained his stand saying that the emails were unverified, and her account had been hacked.

What started as a complaint against an alleged imposter by Hrithik has turned into an ugly public and legal battle between the two stars, with both coming up with allegations and counter-allegations against each other every other day.

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